Whole House Surge Protector Installation in Grande Prairie

Protect your valuable electronics from harmful electrical surges and have us install a whole house surge protector in your Grande Prairie home.

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Why You Should Have A

Whole House Surge Protector

Many people don’t know realize that they can protect their entire home from electrical surges with a whole house surge protector. Protecting your expensive electronics with a cheap surge protector that was purchased at your local hardware store is not a good idea. Have our expert electricians do a simple installation and protect all of your electronics and appliances.

What are Electrical Surges?

An electrical surge is a sudden and short-lived wave of current, power, or voltage in an electric circuit. They are brief power voltage spikes or a disturbance that can cause damage to, degrade, or even completely destroy any appliances or equipment in a home, commercial building, manufacturing facility, or another structure.

What is the Source of an Electrical Surge?

The source of a power surge can be inside of a building or outside the building. Usually, outside sources are changes from the grid to the utility company, lighting, or even grid failures. Inside the house or building sources include switching off or on an appliance that consumes a large amount of electricity. In an industrial or commercial setup, surges may be introduced by larger motors turning off or on, especially if they aren’t protected from surges.

Larger power surges, such as the ones that occur during a storm, aren’t common, but unaccounted and invisible small power surges occur every day, often without being noticed.

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Grande Prairie Whole House Surge Protector Installation

Potential Damage Caused by a Power Surge

A power surge is a random and short-lived period of excessive voltage that enters into home appliances. Smaller power extension cords can’t protect any appliances. If a surge is introduced into a home or structure, it can cause damage to an array of devices and appliances, including:

  • Home electrical wiring
  • Televisions
  • Printers
  • Video games
  • Fax machines
  • Computers
  • Internet wiring
  • Washers and dryers
  • Regular phone wiring
  • Safety monitors and cameras
  • Dishwashers
  • Control circuits and breakers found in the panel

There are numerous appliances and electronics that rely on electricity. In fact, there are no appliances used today that don’t use at least some electricity.

A picture of appliances protected by a whole house surge protector in Grande Prairie

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Whole Home Surge Protector Explained

A whole-home surge protector is designed with a single thought and goal. These protectors are designed to prevent excessive voltage spikes from entering your home and eliminate the chances of any damage to your expensive appliances and electronics. These will only allow the maximum defined voltage into the home or business.

When the voltage is restricted, it means that there won’t be power surges or other related voltage problems. This is essential for protecting the expensive electronics and appliances found in a home today and preventing associated safety issues.

Why Choose Our Electricians?

Our team is made up of professional and reliable electricians who can ensure the job is done properly the first time. We will install everything correctly to ensure no issues arise.

Remember, the installation of a whole house surge protector isn’t something that an amateur should handle. Hiring professionals is the best way to minimize issues and ensure the desired results are achieved. Being informed and knowing why a whole house surge protector is needed are key to ensuring a home is fully protected regardless of the issues that may arise.

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