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Generator Installation

Searching for someone to do a generator installation for you near Grande Prairie?  We offer standby and home generator sales, installation and repair.  Home and business owners alike often invest in a standby generator as a means of obtaining electricity in the event their power goes out. Fortunately, these devices take little time to install when a professional electrician handles the task. Learn more today about this backup power option to see if it meets your needs.

What is a Standby Generator?

Standby generators supply power when the normal source is interrupted for any reason. These devices remain in one location and rest on a concrete pad outside of the home or office. They provide power when an outage occurs due to a natural or man-made disaster, inclement weather, or a blackout resulting from an aging power grid, and the device runs off either diesel or natural gas, depending on the model selected.

Automatic Transfer Switch

Standby generators connect directly to the electrical panel in the home or business and are usually paired with an automatic transfer switch. When the generator detects a power outage, it automatically starts to provide power until the regular source is restored. Using the automatic transfer switch prevents back-feeding to the grid. Back-feeding remains dangerous, as the generator sends electricity to the main grid. This may bring on fires or seriously injure the individuals responsible for restoring electricity.

Manual Transfer Switch

Some people opt for a manual transfer switch. This requires someone be present to start the generator during a power outage. Using a manual transfer switch is becoming less common as automatic systems are becoming more affordable and dependable.  In the past, homeowners often selected this option as they tend to be home when the power goes out. Additionally, use of the manual transfer switch increases the risk of back-feeding.

Picking the Right Generator to Purchase and Install

Things to consider:

  • What is the voltage of the service that the generator will be wired into?
  • Is it single or 3-phase?
  • What fuel source are you selecting?
  • What wattage requirements do I need?
  • Is it for standby or continuous runtime?
  • Is automatic transfer required?

Benefits of a Standby Generator

Standby generators allow a home or business to operate lights and essential appliances during a power outage. The building continues to be heated or cooled, and computers remain in operation until the normal power source is restored. These are only a few of the many devices the home or business owner can keep up and running, which helps to prevent the loss of customers for a business and comfort for those living within a home.